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Re: New Chat Room for Site

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Aw, I just missed you!

By the way, if you see me online at weird times, I'm probably not. Something has been up with my account for months. I show up as online even if I'm not, and even if I'm logged out. Also, sometimes I can only stay logged in the chat for a few minutes before it kicks me out. Between that issue and the fact that no one really shows up anymore :( I haven't been going to the chat in quite some time.

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Re: New Chat Room for Site

Post by zany »

oh that's weird. yeah you have seemed online a lot when i'm on the last few days.
i also noticed at the bottom of the forum it didn't say (chatting) next to my name when i was logged in there. also without the banner at the top of the forum w the Chat (#) sign showing people are in there it's hard to know.

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