Weekly chat request/reminder thread

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Re: Weekly chat request/reminder thread

Post by philipgar »

I probably won't make the chat (or if i do just a short time at the very start of it), as I'll be over at a friends watching game 7 of the NBA finals. Hope whoever (if anyone) shows up has fun!


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Re: Weekly chat request/reminder thread

Post by spodiba »

Question: are there any chats happening at all around here? is it me or? i never get to catch one. And whenever it looks like there's someone in there, and if i open the chat box/whatever there's no one there. Can you do something about it?

And one more question: do you even schedule chats any more? It says on the front page that do you do. Do people show up on schedule?

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Re: Weekly chat request/reminder thread

Post by AlyssaJones »

Sometimes if people don't log out the right way it still says they're in there. (I think you have to click the log out button on the chat page. Just closing your browser keeps you logged in I think.)

That chats are still scheduled at the times on the front page, but it's usually only Phil and Sarah who come all the time :P. Occasionally other people pop in and out, but I can't remember the last time there was a big 5 or 6+ person chat. The old chats were fun though. Maybe one could be scheduled soon that everyone commits to. :P

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