Adam's House Cat (pre-Drive-By Truckers) "Runaway Train"

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Adam's House Cat (pre-Drive-By Truckers) "Runaway Train"

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Not really a related band, but the mentions will come up due to the song title:

Adam's House Cat - "Runaway Train"
(AHC was the pre-Drive-By Truckers band) ... at-705486/

"“I wrote ‘Runaway Train’ in 1987 during my parent’s divorce. It became one of the signature songs of my then band Adam’s House Cat. We were convinced that it would be our hit,” Hood remembers. “‘Runaway Train’ is the first single from the album. Another band had a big hit with a different song of the same title a couple of years after our band broke up. The similarities are striking — albeit coincidental. We’re thrilled to finally be releasing our song.”"

It's a great song on its own. Check it out.

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