Your "LP Tour" fantasy lineup

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Re: Your "LP Tour" fantasy lineup

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Karlwerneth wrote:Interesting choices. The Pursuit of Happiness was a pleasant surprise : ) Mellon Collie would be wild and Pinkerton, also great. I don't know what I would choose...
Know where I found out about TPOH? Beavis and Butthead. I was maybe 13, saw a snippet of "Cigarette Dangles" and immediately knew I had to have that album. Had to special order it, but it was worth the agita.

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Re: Your "LP Tour" fantasy lineup

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I heard of the Pursuit of Happiness on the Mickey Mouse Club, roughly a year or two before I got into SA and alternative rock.

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Re: Your "LP Tour" fantasy lineup

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I think Moe Berg (the singer in TPOH) doesn't live too far from where I live in Toronto. Back in 1998 when Dave & Dan did a duo gig here I saw Moe go back stage around sound check. A nice guy he is. Their first album Love Junk is excellent as well as the second. I'm glad you guys know of them.

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Re: Your "LP Tour" fantasy lineup

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For SA I'd have to pick Horse. The other obvious one for me would be Pearl Jam/No Code. That's leaves two others... perhaps Mazzy Star/So Tonight That I MIght See, and Mark Lanegan/Scraps at Midnight, or Whiskey for the Holy Ghost. Or Wilco/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Actually, Golden Smog Weird tales would be amazing.

just in the last couple of years I've seen:

Richard Thompson/Dream Attic
The Jayhawks/Hollywood Town Hall
Los Lobos/Kiko
Old 97s/Too Far To Care
The Who/Quadrophenia

Those last four make up quite a legendary combo too.

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