Happy Birthday Dave!

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Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by zany »

Happy Birthday to Dave!

well... i was hoping my baby would have the same birthday as Dave... but he just doesn't seem like he plans to come out today. oh well! we'll crank up some SA tunes anyways to celebrate.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by Homesick »

Wow, I have to admit I would have forgotten about this unless you had posted this. It's on the front page now (and I'll put the other birthdays in my calendar). Thanks!

Happy Birthday, Dave!
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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by sayeeda »

Mr. Pirner, have an fantabulous birthday!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by spodiba »

Uhuh, I almost forgot too


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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by theswine »

Happy Birthday, and thank you for the wonderful music.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by Sometime to Return »

Happy Birthday, Dave.

You are your/our generations best/ most Awesome song writer.

Raising my Summit Extra Pale to ya.

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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by mystic_spiral_3 »

Happy birthday to Dave!

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Re: Happy Birthday Dave!

Post by Miss Fitt 2 »

Happy birthday Dave! I hope your birthday and your life are filled with the kind of joy that your music gives me.

And once again, thank you.

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