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Dec 4 2015 Change of Fortune Release Date: March 18, 2016! The latest PledgeMusic update has posted the release date for Soul Asylum's upcoming album, Change of Fortune. The date is set for March 18th, 2016. Visit their PledgeMusic site to pre-order the album and make sure to head on over to the forum to discuss this super exciting news.
Sep 1 2015 Change of Fortune Album Art Revealed! The latest PledgeMusic update has released the album art to Soul Asylum's upcoming album: Change of Fortune. It's image is titled "Facebook Update" by photographer Marsel Van Oosten.

Visit their PledgeMusic site to pre-order the album and make sure to head on over to the forum to discuss your thoughts on the album art..
Feb 22 2015 New Songs Added to ASCAP Database! The ASCAP website shows that Soul Asylum has some new songs recently registered to their database. Could these be some or all of the new tunes that will be released on their next album?
Thanks to forum user TravisSaves for the awesome information.

Discuss this exciting news in the forum.
Nov 20 2014 Where Will They Be In 2015? 2015 is creeping in and slowly new material has surfaced at the past few concerts. Reports from Dave and company confirmed that they have finished recording all the songs for their latest album.

Will 2015 be the year of a new release; share your thoughts in the forum.
Nov 20 2014 Miracle on 7th Street Santa must have known we've been good this year since we're being presented with 2 upcoming concerts in the Twin Cities. On December 17th and 18th Soul Asylum will be performing at 7th Street Entry in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Talk about the upcoming concerts in the forum.
Jul 16 2013 No Fun Intended Released! No Fun Intended, the first part of four punk cover EP's has been released. Check out Soul Asylum's first 3 covers of some of their favorite punk songs right now!

Share your thoughts about the songs in the forum.
Jul 2 2013 No Fun Intended Soul Asylum is releasing the first of four cover song EP's, the first one entitled No Fun Intended. It will contain 3 songs and be released July 16, 2013 via digital download.

Check out the forum thread for additional details about the upcoming EP.
Jun 8 2013 The LP Tour Soul Asylum is making rounds performing their Grammy award-winning album Grave Dancers Union in its entirety by being part of "The LP Tour". Soul Asylum joins Big Head Todd and the Monsters, The Wailers, and Matthew Sweet whom all of which perform their well-known albums. Check out show listings for "The LP Tour" here.
Feb 20 2013 Dave Confirms New Soul Asylum Album! On February 18th, 2013, Dave Pirner and company told Pittsburgh radio station 105.9 The X that they were almost done with recording a new album. Watch the interview and performance that took place at the radio station. Feel free to contribute your thoughts on the forum as well.
Jan 20 2013 New Official Soul Asylum Site! New guitarist Justin Sharbono has started a website which has become the new offical Soul Asylum site at The site includes the very latest updates, pictures, and some upcoming show dates. You can quickly access the new site from here at anytime, just click the "" link under the "Offical" drop down menu located in the site's header.
Dec 8 2012 Welome Justin Sharbono! After over 30 years since the incarnation of Soul Asylum, lead guitarist Dan Murphy decided to leave the band on good terms. His cousin, Justin Sharbono, a Cambridge, Minnesota native is taking over his spot. Give Justin a warm welcome to the band by contributing your wishes in the forum.
Oct 17 2012 Welcome Winston Roye! Over the past few months we were all wondering who was to the right of Dave on the bass guitar. We soon found out that would be New York City native, Winston Roye. He will be taking over Tommy Stinson's spot on bass. Give him a warm welcome to the band over in the forum.
Oct 9 2012 Thanks For Everything Dan

Today we have a message from one of the founding members of Soul Asylum, Dan Murphy. He tells us about his current departure of the past 31 years that he's been rocking out since the incarnation of Soul Asylum.

If you would like to contribute your thanks visit the forum's thread. If you are not a current member, feel free to sign up and post your appreciation to the great lead guitarist.

Oct 6 2012 Grave Dancers Union Turns 20! 20 years ago today an almost unheard of band from Minneapolis became household names when they released their 7th album, Grave Dancers Union which went on to become triple-platinum. Where were you when the album was released? Contribute your congratulations and thoughts in the forum.
Jul 17 2012 New Album Delayed Reaction Released! The band's new album Delayed Reaction has been released. Get your copy as soon as possible, then share your thoughts in our review thread.
Jul 12 2012 Happy Birthday, Dan! Today marks Soul Asylum's lead guitarist Dan Murphy's 50th birthday! Stop by the forum thread to contribute your birthday wishes!
Jun 20 2012 "Gravity" Single Released! "Gravity", the first full length song to be heard from Soul Asylum's upcoming album, Delayed Reaction, has been released as a downloadable single. The radio edit of the song is available to purchase from the iTunes Store and Download it now!
Mar 26 2012 New Album, Delayed Reaction Announced! After signing on with 429 Records earlier this year, Soul Asylum announces the follow up to 2006's The Silver Lining with their new album, Delayed Reaction, set to be released July 17, 2012. Check out the forum for more information.
Feb 16 2012 Soul Asylum Signs With 429 Records! The band has just signed on with 429 Records, a mid-size label based out of Santa Monica, California which features other artists such as Roberta Flack and Joe Cocker. To discuss this latest news, vist the forum.
Nov 14 2011 Happy 30th Anniversary,
Soul Asylum!
Sunday marked a special day on Soul Asylum's calendar. On November 13th, 1981 Soul Asylum (then known as Loud Fast Rules) played their first gig at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. Show your support by heading on over to the forum thread to share your memories over their past 30 years.
Sep 22 2011 London & Belgium Shows Canceled! Due to certain scheduling conflicts, the upcoming shows in London and Belgium have unfortunately been canceled. Visit the forum for further details.
Jul 12 2011 Happy Birthday, Dan! Happy 49th Birthday, Dan! Everybody is invited to the celebration in the forum!
Apr 21 2011 Fanbase Map Ever wanted to see just where in the world Soul Asylum's most dedicated fans live? Now is your chance: Check out the brand-new fanbase map! If you want to appear on the map as well, be sure to drop us a line.
Apr 16 2011 Happy Birthday, Dave! Today is the 47th birthday of our favorite lead singer Dave Pirner. Happy Birthday, Dave! Birthday wishes can be dropped off in our forum thread.
Apr 1 2011 Unreleased Wii Trailer Features Levitation

Happy April Fools' Day!

A previously unreleased trailer for the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy reveals that early promotion for the game included the song Levitation from Dave's solo album Faces & Names. Read all the details in the forum thread and watch the trailer!

Mar 14 2011 Happy Birthday, Michael! Today we celebrate the 42nd birthday of the coolest drummer around: Michael Bland. Happy Birthday! Drop by our forum thread to celebrate!
Mar 7 2011 The Asylum Book of Records Most Soul Asylum fans know that First Avenue in Minneapolis is the venue of choice for the band and its fans alike. They may not know, however, how many cities Soul Asylum has played in, or which country outside of the United States has hosted the most Soul Asylum gigs. The answers to all of these questions and more are now available in our brand-new statistics section!
Mar 4 2011 Check Out Old Setlists We recently added a new feature to our show archive: many of the shows listed now include setlists. For more information, check out the forum announcement. Have fun reminiscing about your favorite performances!
Dec 8 2010 Soul Asylum Covers Beatles A new compilation of Beatles covers performed by various Minneapolis musicians features Soul Asylum performing the opening track Good Morning Good Morning. The compilation itself is titled Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 and should be available right now or in the next few days. More details in the forum!
Oct 6 2010 Triple Birthday! Today is the triple birthday of Tommy Stinson, Grave Dancers Union and, who turn 44, 18 and 3 respectively. We wish all of you a very Happy Birthday! To share your best wishes and congratulations, drop by the forum.
Aug 20 2010 New Soul Asylum Songs!

We are proud to present three new live songs from the recent Mankato, Minnesota show where these new songs were performed for the first time. Check out the forum to learn more and contribute your words and opinions about the songs!

Jun 22 2010 Support the Karl Fund

The Karl Fund, founded by the late Karl Mueller's wife Mary Beth, raises money for research into early detection of esophageal cancer. You can show your support by joining their Facebook group and staying posted about future events and ways to help.

Apr 19 2010 Introducing Soul Asylum TV

We are proud to introduce Soul Asylum TV, an online stream of Soul Asylum videos and once-a-week live shows hosted by community member LittleTooClean. Check it out below and read more in the forum!

Apr 16 2010 Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today we celebrate Dave Pirner's 46th birthday. Happy Birthday, Dave! Any best wishes can be posted in the dedicated forum thread.

Dec 16 2009 Welcome, Visitors!

Today marks a milestone for; one that we thought we would never be able to achieve without all your help and support. As of right now, EnterTheSoulAsylum is proud to be directed from which is probably the greatest domain name we could be directed from. Check out the thread at the forum for more information.

Nov 4 2009 Weirdest Gig Ever

The band has started a new series of insights from the guys themselves: Weirdest Gig Ever. Every week, a band member will post a story from a gig that turned out to be anything but normal. In the first installment, Tommy describes their trip to Aquapalooza in July last year. Check the band's Facebook in the coming weeks for more!

Oct 21 2009 New Merchandising Page

Today, EnterTheSoulAsylum is proud to introduce a permanent addition to the site: an off-site link to SWAG Merchandising, the company that produces Soul Asylum's t-shirts and other apparel. We are honored to be have them request this special link on our site so that people all over the world can display their love of Soul Asylum. Please read the forum's announcement for more information.

Oct 6 2009 Happy Birthday, Tommy and Website!

Coinciding with Tommy Stinson's 43rd birthday (congratulations!) is the second birthday of That's right, folks: We've been online for a whopping two years! As a special treat for all of our visitors and forum members, we've prepared a quiz about the website's history and content. Thank you all for staying with us for this long!

Sep 18 2009 Favorite Songs Week Four

The fourth and final week of the band members listing their personal favorite Soul Asylum songs have been posted on their MySpace page. This week, bass player Tommy Stinson posts his picks and shares what makes them so special and meaningful to him.

Sep 8 2009 Favorite Songs Week Three

Once again, one of the band's members has chosen his favorite Soul Asylum songs and posted them on the band's MySpace. This week, we're getting what a lot of you have no doubt been waiting for: Dave Pirner's favorites, along with a few lines about what the songs mean to him.

Jul 12 2009 Happy Birthday, Dan!

Even with the coolest lead singer, Soul Asylum wouldn't be what they are without the coolest lead guitarist. Dan Murphy turns 47 today, so let's all get together and wish him a Happy Birthday! Drop by our forum thread to celebrate.

Jul 2 2009 Radio Interview With Dave

On July 1st, a day before the band's show at the Minnesota Zoo, Dave gave an interview to Minnesota Public Radio. If you missed the broadcast—or just can't get enough of it—here's your chance to listen to it again:

Apr 16 2009 Happy Birthday, Dave!

Our favorite lead singer Dave Pirner turns 45 today. Happy Birthday! Head on over to the birthday thread to celebrate!

Jan 20 2009 It's Showtime!

Barack Obama is not the only one being inaugurated today; is also inaugurating a brand-new section of the site: Shows! If you're just itching to look back at three decades of Soul Asylum's live performances, here's your chance. (We wrote even more about it in the forum.) Enjoy!

Nov 8 2008 1,215

That's the number of times Soul Asylum's brand-new song Let's All Kill Each Other was downloaded from our site in the two weeks leading up to Election Day. Traffic increased beyond anything this site has ever seen before, thanks to word-of-mouth as well as mentions we received in several unexpected places. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came here to enjoy the band's latest release. Thanks for stopping by!

Note: Let's All Kill Each Other is no longer up for download but still available on the band's MySpace.

Oct 25 2008 Elliot In the Morning

"Let's All Kill Each Other" will be featured on DC101's acclaimed morning show "Elliot In the Morning" on Monday, October 27th.

Listen in at

Oct 25 2008 Let's All Kill Each Other

Ah yes, a joyous new anthem for every occasion. It really seems to connect, at least to the 7 people who have heard it so far. I suppose it requires a certain sense of humor. This, of course, is consistent with my tendency to overestimate the intelligence of our audience.

Over the last couple years of playing live, I've taken to introducing "Black Gold" & "Lately" as commentaries on the Bush Sr. & Jr. eras, respectively, as Parts 1 & 2 of a trilogy that I hoped I would never have to finish. This is Part 3.

Anyway, it's been a good summer. On behalf of the band, many thanks to you and anyone who has helped make it so. Your support, as always, is invaluable and humbling.

Let's all learn to live in peace and two or three-part harmony!

Good luck,

Dave Pirner

Note: Let's All Kill Each Other is no longer up for download but still available on the band's MySpace.

Oct 6 2008 Year 1 In the Asylum

We've finally come to the big day when we celebrate our first year online. We've already put up our latest poll and a new quiz. Our next piece of anniversary content is a look at some of what's been going on around here for the past twelve months, including traffic statistics, some visions of how we hope this site will evolve, and, of course, a big thank you to all of the fans who keep coming back to enrich this great community.

Oct 1 2008 Anniversary This Monday!

This Monday, October 6th, we will celebrate's first anniversary by hosting a community chat starting at 7.00 PM (CST) and going on for as long as there are fans there eager to chat. If you're new to the site, be sure to register as a forum member first, so you can access the chat. October 6th is also the 16th anniversary of Grave Dancers Union and bassist Tommy Stinson's birthday, so feel free to celebrate them too!

Sep 2 2008 While I Was Out

Unfortunately enough, the site fell apart due to uncontrolled circumstances in the one week of the past year that I have been without an internet connection. Most of it should be working fine now, but let us know if anything is still broken. Kudos to my co-admin Jim who did his best to get the site back on its feet while I was out.

– Jakob, AKA Homesick

Jul 13 2008 Happy Birthday, Dan!

Due to the absentmindedness of the webmaster, this is one day late, but here it is: Happy Birthday, Dan Murphy! Just as we put Dave down as the coolest frontman in the world of rock, so do we hail Dan as the most awesome guitarist this side of anywhere. Those who feel like celebrating should drop by our celebration thread!

May 12 2008 Candy From A Stranger

Soul Asylum's ninth studio album, Candy From A Stranger is having its 10 year anniversary today. You can help celebrate by heading on over to the forum's anniversary thread and share some of your favorite Candy stories and/or memories.

May 8 2008 (Sort Of) New Forum & Chat

Well, we've finally gotten the forum up to speed visually with the rest of the site. We've also fit the chat in with the upgraded forum and (partially) with the new site theme, so head on over there and try to find some fellow fans to talk with.

Apr 16 2008 Community Spotlight: Danny Alexander

Twelve years ago, he authored Liner Notes, to date the only published biography of Soul Asylum. In our interview, writer and teacher Danny Alexander talks about elusive source material, a cancelled book series, and an interesting exchange he had with Dave.

Apr 16 2008 Happy Birthday, Dave!

Today we want to mention a very happy birthday to the coolest frontman in the world of rock; Dave Pirner who turns 44 today. Those who feel like making a shoutout, feel free to drop by his birthday thread!

Mar 23 2008 California Shows Canceled!

Due to personal illness reasons on the part of Soul Asylum's headliner Blue October, the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego shows that were to happen this week have been canceled. Please visit the forum's thread to if you wish to discuss this unfortunate issue.

Oct 6 2007 Community Spotlight: Monolith Maniac

In our very first installment of Community Spotlight, we listen to the story of college student and the co-administrator and moderator of the site, Monolith Maniac, who was introduced to Soul Asylum through an entirely different kind of artist.

Oct 6 2007 In-Depth: The Return of Soul Asylum

On June 17th, 2005, fans of Soul Asylum all over the world were met with tragic news: Karl Mueller, the band's bassist since its very formation, had passed away after a yearlong battle with cancer. Despite all the hardships, however, Soul Asylum returned-and just as strong as ever. Join us for this brand-new feature as we take an in-depth look at the return of Soul Asylum.