About the Site

EnterTheSoulAsylum.com is a fansite dedicated entirely to the American rock band Soul Asylum. We aim to be the most comprehensive, updated, and hospitable community for fans of Soul Asylum, old or new, and we will encourage discussion and activities related to the band wherever possible.

We started up in October 2007—exactly fifteen years since the release of Soul Asylum's double platinum-selling breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union—and there's no telling where we'll be in 2023.

About the Editors

Jim Metz, webmaster, co-founder, and resident audio wizard of EnterTheSoulAsylum.com, is a graduate of geography from Northwest Suburban Chicago, Illinois. His love of Soul Asylum stems from his interest in "Weird Al" Yankovic, whose 1997 televison parody of Runaway Train led him to discover a new passion. Jim is also moderator of the forum, where he uses the alias Monolith Maniac.

Jakob Kallin, co-founder and lead designer of EnterTheSoulAsylum.com, is a programmer living in Gothenburg, Sweden. More information is available on his personal website. On the forum, Jakob uses the pseudonym Homesick.


There's a lot of stuff on this site that's made possible through the skilled work of others. Here's a partial listing of it:

Finally, none of this would be possible without the hard work of our favorite band, Soul Asylum, whose dedication over the past five decades has provided countless people from all over the world with tremendous joy. Thank you for everything!


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