Change of Fortune

Release Date March 18th, 2016
Producer John Fields and Soul Asylum
Label Entertainment One
Format CD, vinyl, digital download
Length 39:25
Singles SupersonicDoomsday

Grave Dancers Union

Release Date October 6th, 1992
Producer Michael Beinhorn
Label Columbia
Formats CD, cassette, vinyl, MiniDisc
Length 44:53

Clam Dip & Other Delights

Release Date April 10th, 1989
Producer Tom Herbers
Label Twin/Tone
Formats CD, cassette, vinyl
Length 18:49

While You Were Out

Release Date November 21st, 1986
Producer Chris Osgood
Label Twin/Tone
Formats CD, cassette, vinyl
Length 33:34

Say What You Will… Everything Can Happen

Note: This album was re-released in 1988 as Say What You Will, Clarence… Karl Sold the Truck, with five tracks added.

Release Date August 24th, 1984
Producer Bob Mould
Label Twin/Tone
Formats Cassette, vinyl
Length 29:23