New Songs Added to ASCAP Database!

The ASCAP website shows that Soul Asylum has some new songs recently registered to their database. Could these be some or all of the new tunes that will be released on their next album?
Thanks to forum user TravisSaves for the awesome information.

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Feb 22

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Do You Know…

  • … that John Fields, who co-produced The Silver Lining, also performed with Soul Asylum on bass during the majority of their 2006 shows?
  • … that the back cover of Tied To the Tracks features a photo of Dave Pirner's aunt?
  • … that Move Over originally appeared on the UK version of Clam Dip & Other Delights which also included "Jukebox Hero"; in return these songs omitted "Secret No More" and in its place?
  • … that The first appearance was at Ribfest in Mankato, Minnesota on August 6, 2010.?
  • … that The Silver Lining came with a bonus DVD, featuring a live perfomance at First Avenue on 12/23/05, if purchased at Best Buy stores?

Name the Tune

At the end of the track theres a two-bit shack
When you die, that's where you go
Down the lines up from this pit
At the end of your rainbow