New Songs Added to ASCAP Database!

The ASCAP website shows that Soul Asylum has some new songs recently registered to their database. Could these be some or all of the new tunes that will be released on their next album?
Thanks to forum user TravisSaves for the awesome information.

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Feb 22

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Do You Know…

  • … that the words "caged rat" are repeated 36 times during the course of Caged Rat, making it the most repeated words of any Soul Asylum song?
  • … that Goodbye Minneapolis was played at the televised Palais Royale show on October 23, 1995 during soundcheck??
  • … that Twiddly Dee features the use of a Jews's harp, which can be heard throughout the latter part of the song?
  • … that the record Candy From A Stranger doesn't actually include the song Candy From A Stranger?
  • … that Kitten was recorded October 8th and 9th of 1982 at the Reflex Records Benefit shows at Goofy's Upper Deck in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Name the Tune

You're like coal to a miner
It's so hard to get you outta there, when you're so far down
When you're older and wiser, you can't believe the things you've done when you were young and dumb
It oughta to be fun to see if you can get away with it
Fun to see how long that you can stay with it