Do You Know

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 1:54


Do you know what it's like to really hate somebody
Oh, will you remember cause you drank all my funny wine
You thought your friend's upset, you're gonna be a big success
And you'd do anything to keep your mind all so secret

Chimes and diamond rings and obtain fingerprints and drew a line right across the pavement
I'm so little doctor, I've got oh so many

And do you know what it's like to really love somebody
Oh will you remember cause I've got what you really need
You got it in a plan in the palm of your hand
And you'd do anything but I'm not so upset
Trip to a far away place and diamonds have laid faith and jewerly under bombs and fools and country bums
Oh, help, come get me

What the fuck is gonna kill the hate master, cancer of the father of my wanted love