With twelve albums and over a hundred songs, including classics like Runaway Train on Grave Dancers Union, Misery on Let Your Dim Light Shine, and Cartoon on Hang Time.


With 25 singles ranging from Tied To the Tracks released back in 1986, through Somebody to Shove released in 1992, to Social Butterfly released in 2020.

Songs A–Z

If the above categories don't catch your fancy, you can check out this exhaustive listing of songs (with video and trivia entries): From A as in Ain't That Tough to Y as in Your Generation.


A gigantic amount of compilations that Soul Asylum has been on, whether it be a single song appearance like The Buzz or a whole album compilation such as their rare cassette-only release Time's Incinerator.


With over a dozen soundtracks that Soul Asylum have contributed to in one way or another, such as Clerks and I Know What You Did Last Summer.


Anything that doesn't fit into any of the above categories can probably be found here, like Dave's solo album Faces & Names and Say What You Will, Clarence… Karl Sold the Truck, the 1988 re-release of the band's debut album.


With a wealth of material that has never been officially released, such as outtakes like Be On My Side from The Silver Lining, to a handful of demos, and live-only songs like Über Computer.