Hurry Up and Wait Released!

So far this year the band has been pretty busy: touring, Dave released a book, and are now currently playing live quarantine sessions every Friday. Today is another biggie for Soul Asylum and fans alike; it marks the release of Soul Asylum's 12th studio album, Hurry Up and Wait.

If you haven't already, hurry up... and don't wait; purchase a few copies as well as other merchandise now!

Apr 17

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Jan 16 Second Single Released: If I Told You
Dec 6 New Single Released: Dead Letter

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Loud Fast Words Released!

Dave Pirner—musician, singer, songwriter, producer; among many other traits can now add one more thing to his repertoire; author. Dave has released a book titled, Loud Fast Words: Soul Asylum Collected Lyrics which contains lyrics of almost his full catalog of songs he has written for Soul Asylum, including those on the new album, Hurry Up and Wait.

The Minnesota Historical Society has published the book; check out their website and purchase a couple copies today!

Upcoming Shows

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Check out every Friday to see Dave and Ryan perform Quarantine Sessions live on their official Facebook page!

Video of the Moment

The fourth single, Social Butterfly from Soul Asylum's upcoming album Hurry Up and Wait due April 17th, 2020.

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