Forever and A Day

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:43


Nothing never lasts forever, watch it go away
Rest assured it will land in a better place
Yesterday's our only mirror, seems so far away
Tomorrow's holdin' on for another day

When the smoke clears, and there's nothing there
Seems I won't come out from it's own despair
Powers that be mostly be so far away
Waiting here so long forever and a day

Turn the pictures into dreams, too tired to close my eyes
Threw out the bird, threw stones in the water so I won't even cry

Way to learn or fail to lead, angel gets her wings
Tickets to sold out shows gonna fly away
So I can see whats right through a paradise
Crowd the tears, gonna wash the years away

Light a torch, never set it down
Burn and bombs blow though this whole town
You get burned better look the other way
Waiting there so long forever and a day

In disguise I hope and pray the snow is on the ground
We looked through the aftermath to only hear a sound

Turn the pictures into dreams, I'm tired to close my eyes


  • Is a demo from the Hang Time recording sessions.


  • On the Twin/Tone Extras bonus LP of The Twin/Tone Years box set.