Little House On the Edge

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:15


Me I am the lawless one
I lay them to waste and then I run
Ain't right or right or wrong it's my way
There is nothing you can say
Take me from my misery
Running like a ministry
At little house on the ed-
Little house on the edge

Don't you want to live with me
I know you'll fit right in
Cause everyone's a loser here and no one wants to win
And everyone's a half-wit
Cause our house is half-way half-way
When no one wants to go back

When morning comes I draw the shades
This house is made of glass
Before I got my enemies found someone to harass
Wait inside this hopelessness I hope will never pass
Sometimes I don't do anything all day

They'll be no sleep at the little house tonight

Me I am the childish one
I'm going to bed I've had my fun
And gone and did it my way
There is nothing you can say
To make me face my vanity
My own private calamity
At the little house on the edge
Little house on the edge