Composer Dave Pirner
Length 5:17


You are invited to my masquerade

[Screaming gibberish]

I'm so glad we could get together
I thank you for supplying the fun
Well, we took this time out to enjoy ourselves
Now let's just fucking get it done

Well, we're talk, talk, talking and talk, talk, talk, talking
And maybe we'll have a little fight
Hush, hush, hush, hush, hush, hush, hush, now don't you admit that the reason you are here
Is just to get fucked tonight?

Come on

This masquerade is over

(Personal invitations only)

I-I-I got my makeup on
I got my hair all done
I bet you can't even guess who I am

Well, I? I thought you were my friend
But then the troubles began
And that old identity set in

I see no end to this bullshit so let's talk politics
Where it's parties, parties, parties all the time
We got big long cars, we got movie stars
We got the three B's, and don't you forgetting, the bigots, the bombs, and barriers

This masquerade is over

(Hey, hey)

I didn't invite no black, white-hippie, hardcore, the rich, Hasidic Jews, reds, white-bastard mothers, ya know, ya know
You're think you're something special, you know, I certainly didn't invite you
You know these costume parties they're such a good time
But ya, know I think I'm gonna have to be headin' home, ha, ha
Ha, you know it's funny how these social events, they just make me want to be alone

This masquerade is over (×3)

It's all over (×3)

It's over (×13)

It's all over (×4)

Ha, ha, ha