Miracle Mile

Composer Dan Murphy
Length 2:17


We could try to get by, could be as dark as the night
I get this vision sometimes then it fades out of sight
A room with a view, you were watching the door
Hearts on your sleeve down at the second hand store

You were outside looking in for a little while
Inside fires rage like a witches' trial
I see you like a falling star, if I had my wish you wouldn't get too far
You see the way to the stairs
And they take you down there
Someway to somewhere

You're like a rat in a maze, you're 'bout to run out of time
Drawing circles 'round for a legend that is in your mind
Castle’s in the sand when the tide’s rolling in
There’s never fair warning when you make new friends

You were outside looking in on the miracle mile
I’ll be down by the side of the road with my painted on smile
I’ll burn your castle to the ground and spread your ashes all around
My world so faded.

When there’s nothing but the wind to hear you calling
And it’s howling back at you like a long lost friend
White light’s fading fast and cat house breath

I look at you now, an aberration of truth
Ah, you be a good crowd in a fountain of youth
In a blusterin' wind, it’ll blow you away
Nothing is certain when I’ve nothing to say