Soul Asylum

Composer Mecht Mensch
Length 2:30


Radio DJ: "Mother Popcorn" by James [Brown]. Okay, umm, I wanted to ask you now, you just recently just changed your name to Soul Asylum, and up until that point you were known as Loud fast Rules, right?

Dave: Oh, here it comes.

DJ: Okay, why? why did you, umm, like, why did you decide to ch—change the name of the band?

[Silence? then laughter from band.]

DJ: Don't— don't all speak at once.

Dan: We're not an HC band.

DJ: Mmm-hmm.

Karl: I mean people would say we are, but I don't think we're a H? ya know, hardcore band, a punk rock band, or new wave band.

DJ: Hmm? hmm, okay, but what about the name Soul Asylum? I mean, wouldn't— don't you think that might stereotype you to some people like who hadn't not heard of you before, ya know, like to think that you were a soul or a funk band or something?

[Song fades in.]

Dan: It's possible.

Dave: I don't know.

Karl: But it's better than having everybody that doesn't know thinkin' you're hardcore.

Dave: I asked Paul and he said it wouldn't.

Dan: Paul; Paul Stark? A local god. A man who knows about all these things.

Dave: He knows everything.

DJ: Mmm-hmm. How did you come up with the name Soul Asylum? What is?

[Interview fades out.]

Mecht Mensch: We'd like to thank you all for coming down
To see the best band
And that just happens to be? Soul Asylum

Soul Asylum
Soul Asylum
Soul Asylum
Unfortunately, we're not them
Soul Asylum


  • The song is actually a live impromptu piece sung by a Madison, Wisconsin hardcore punk band Mecht Mensch; they had opened for Soul Asylum at a concert and during some equipment troubles they were singing how superior Soul Asylum were to them.
  • Includes an opening from a Minneapolis KFAI radio interview (with Dave, Dan, Karl, and Pat) around the time the band had changed their name.
  • The radio interview almost states the exact origin of how the band came up with the name Soul Asylum, but fades into Mecht Mensch's song.