Dead Letter

Composer Dave Pirner
Length 3:05


Dead letter, dead letter of immaculate intention
It's written in blood that flows through the pen tip
Dead letter, dead letter never to deliver
The message of love I wanted to give her

She sent a dead letter to the book on the shelf
She'd revealed some secrets she didn't want to tell
She died on the day that her baby was born
And the dead letter rests in the used bookstore

Dead letter, dead letter addressed straight to hell
It's written to someone; it's written quite well
Dead letter, dead letter will never be read
I'll write you a letter as long its dead

There was no response and they thought they had lost him
To drugging and drinking cough syrup
When they cought up with him he just sat on the floor
In a pile of dead letters he just couldn't finish

Dead letter, dead letter addressed to you
It says that I'm sorry, explains the whole truth
I sent it you so long ago
I thought that you got it, I just didn't know


  • Appeared as the first single from their upcoming album on December 6th, 2019.